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Toxin-free Beauty Reviews: Carol’s Beauty

Hello fellow green beauty souls! Who else’s feeling the winter blues? Dreadful winter months no doubt call for some pick-me-up products to brighten the days (that are also toxin-free!). Our Beauty Trial Team member Chelsea was a lucky bunny to be getting some winter glow on her skin road-testing a beautiful range of certified organic tanning products by Carol’s Beauty and Grovemist aromatherapy spray that’s truly spiritual – check out how she likes these toxin-free goodies!

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cleanbeautytalk[Blogged] Sun tanning enhancers. If you like to sport a natural ‘glow/tan/I’ve just been to Hawaii’ type of look then you might be very intrigued by these organic @carolsbeauty babies…like I was. Link in bio

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We love new products, yes we do! We love new products, how about you???
Yes, it’s the start of another week and no better time to reflect on the past seven days! More importantly, time to check out the latest beauty buys to hit the shelves (since I last looked … which would have been 5 mins ago …)
We have had some pretty epic stuff come through the doors at DDG HQ, and it seriously takes all of my willpower to not rip open every single packet and try the product direct. But I can’t do that, because then we wouldn’t have anything to give away to YOU GUYS!!!
Check out these glorious products that could be yours! All the latest releases and formulas to get your skin glowing just like a shiny new coin, fresh from the mint (on a side note: does anyone else get really excited when they find a new $2 coin. Or is it just me?).

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gabbyepstein When you’re pretty much on holiday with your tanning oil (+ a couple of coconuts) @carolsbeauty

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demyfirth @carolsbeauty making my Monday better

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Carols Beauty Tanning Enhancers

Carols Beauty tanning enhancers are Australia’s first certified organic sun tanning lotion and sun tanning oil. They are Australian owned and made, Australian certified organic and environmentally conscious. This range uses carrot oil to stimulate melanin on the skin’s surface and encourage a faster, more natural, even tan. Carrot oil also contains over 600 antioxidants and vitamins that work to moisturise the skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

Carols Beauty Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil, 150mL, $34.99 & Carols Beauty Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion, 100mL, $34.99
These tanning products deliver the same natural looking tan, it just depends if you prefer to apply an oil or a lotion. They are made with certified organic skin loving ingredients such as carrot oil, henna, almond oil, sunflower oil and beeswax to enhance a faster tan in the sun and moisturise your skin. These tan enhancing products have a beautiful and refreshing scent which comes from the ylang ylang oil they contain.

To use, simply shake the bottle well, apply evenly and generously all over the body with a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen, doing this for several sessions. It can be as simple as going for a walk, doing some gardening or just sitting in the sun for ten minutes.

They both contain henna extract which gives my skin an instant, bronzed and natural glow. The fact that it gives a natural, glowing, bronzed look instantly is a huge bonus for me. After using these tan enhancing products regularly, my skin feels more moisturised and has developed a longer lasting natural tan with less sun exposure. Carols Beauty tanning enhancers are also available in 30mL trial sizes which is the perfect size to take travelling.

A Bella Adventure

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alexiiisaraya Beach day with my @carolsbeauty henna and carrot tanning oil getting my European glow on with some naturally amazing products #naturallycarol #beauty #latina #beach#fitness #fit #tanlife #carrotoil #happiness

Carol’s Beauty

We’re all aware of the need to slip slop slap, but finding a balance between protecting our skin and having a healthy glow is a perennial problem for lots of Aussie people. Torn between blistering our skin in the summer sun or being stuck with a streaky fake tan or uneven colouration, style conscious women have very little choice when it comes to finding middle ground.

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I was born with naturally super white skin, however I do have photos of myself quite young and being super tanned from always being out in the sun. Back in the 80’s when sun protection wasn’t such a big deal as it is now. So in saying that, I have always had skin which tanned easily and quickly and rarely burned. However I am a firm lover, supporter and believer in a good old fake bake and lately I have been testing out some newbies which help to enhance your tan making it last longer whilst also keeping your skin nice and moisturised, reduces the signs of ageing AND they’re Aussie made and owned as well as Australian Certified Organic! Sold! 🙂

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About Carol’s Beauty:

After years of research and development, Carol Jaber developed a product that allowed women to adhere to limited time in the sun each day, but ensure their time in the sunshine delivered maximum results. Carol’s Beauty products provide all natural tan enhancers that allow people to maintain strict time limits time l to the sun yet enhance their opportunity to develop a rich tan without the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

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