About Carol's Beauty


Like many women, I struggled with the choice of having bronzed skin but being sun-damaged; or covered in inconsistent fake tanning products. It left me thinking that there must be another option – this is where Carol's Beauty began.

 During a trip to Europe over a decade ago, I discovered the answer to my problems – carrot oil. Can you believe, this simple ingredient is one of natures most powerful enhancers of skin's natural melanin? Amazing!

 Years of painstaking research and development followed to perfect the Carol's Beauty formulations that you know and love. The range of organic formulations not only nourish your skin whilst developing a gorgeous Aussie glow, but they enable you to spend less time in the sun's damaging rays.

I'm incredibly proud that Carol's Beauty has completed the rigorous certification process required to achieve approval by Australia Certified Organic under the COSMOS European Standard. This means our tanning products are fully-certified 100% organic and you can be sure that they will contain absolutely no nasties, parabens or sulphates and we have never tested on animals.

Born from the belief that true beauty starts within, my tanning lotions and oils combine only the finest organic carrot oil alongside other natural ingredients that nourish your skins deeper layers, whilst accelerating the tanning process. I believe that I have created something truly worthy of your skin and I hope you love it as much as I do.