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What is certified organic?

Certified Organic is the certification given by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) that products are produced using only the highest quality organic ingredients. It verifies no synthetic or toxic solvents were used in the process.

How do I use Carol's suntan enhancers?

Apply Carol's oil or lotion before hitting the sun, this is for hydrating and moisturising your skin to be ready for the sun. Then apply Carol's sun enhancer lotion or oil for 10 minutes in the sun daily until you have achieved the Carols Aussie glow, make sure you use a minimum of SPF 15 natural sunscreen after your session. After your sun tanning session make sure you keep applying the Carols lotion or oil for extra hydration and prolonging your Carols Aussie glow.

What is the sun tan enhancer complex?

Our ONLY and exclusive complex is active ingredients carrot oil and henna, together with organic and natural ingredients sunflower oil, almond oil and beeswax. The complex helps to stimulate the melanin production together with the UV rays to faster enhance a real tan, in a limited time in the sun all while hydrating and moisturising your skin all year round.

Are Carol’s sun tan enhancers sold in stores?

Yes, our full list of stockists is available online.

What is the difference between the oil and lotion?

Both the oil and lotion have the same sun tanning complex, we recommend that people with lighter skin tone to start off with the lotion as it contains organic beeswax which will give the user a thicker layer on their skin whilst hydrating and protecting.

Once you have achieved the Aussie Glow you can start off with Carol's sun tan enhancer oil.

Can the oil and lotion be used together?

Yes absolutely, first apply the lotion then the oil for a more rapid Carols Aussie glow result.

How do I achieve the darkest real tan all year round?

Just apply the Carols lotion to get your skin more hydrated before the sun and continue the daily use of the lotion or oil daily combined with the UV rays to achieve the golden lasting Carols Aussie glow all year round.

Is Carol’s a fake tan?

No. Carol’s is an organic tan enhancer, not a fake tan. It should be used while outdoors to maximise exposure while doing things such as sun tanning, exercising, walking or even gardening. It is Australia’s ONLY certified organic tan enhancer.

Can Carol’s be used as sunscreen?

Carol’s is not a sunscreen and MUST be used alongside sunscreen while outdoors.

How do I become a stockist?

To enquire about becoming a stockist, simply submit an enquiry form online and we will endeavor to respond to your request as soon as possible.

An all natural tan that's all for you

Certified Organic

Carol’s is the only Australian tanning product to be certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) under the COSMOS European Standard.

All Natural Ingredients

Carol’s unique formulas are safe for every complexion and suitable for all skin types. All of our products are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial colours and dyes, petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, and genetically modified ingredients.

Australian Owned and Operated

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Carol’s delivers natural, local products from here to the rest of the world so everyone can enjoy a lusciously golden tan.


All of Carol’s Beauty Products are proudly cruelty-free and made from ethically derived ingredients. We only ever test our products on willing human Aussie beach bods and never on animals.

Safer and Smarter

Get bronzed results in just 10 minutes in the sun while you enjoy a safe and healthy recommended daily dose of vitamin D under the protection of your usual SPF sunscreen. One bottle of Carol’s costs less than a spray tan, takes less time to apply, and will last longer, too.

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We offer free shipping on all orders and free express shipping for over $60 within Australia so that you can start enjoying your summer glow in no time at all.

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