Carol Chats To Haynes Fraser

Haynes Fraser

Haynes Fraser, @__haynes – 14.6k followers

Just to wrap my 28 years up in a small spiel: I like to think I live a fast-paced and active life, if it’s not running around with work and looking at new properties or meeting clients, its running running running at the gym! I wouldn’t change the fast-paced life I live, although a beachside holiday certainly wouldn’t be turned down, either!

I am grateful I have so much going on to keep me busy. I have been working in the real estate industry for the last 9 years, andI love everything about it — it’s a genuine passion for me. When work doesn’t feel like ‘work’, I think you are super lucky! When I’m not at work, I am like any normal girl; I love to shop, keep healthy, have long lunches and pretend to know the characters personally on the realty TV shows I watch.

I think its super important to do things that are good for your soul and make you feel good, too. I spent my childhood growing up on remote properties, and I have a large family (6 brothers and 1 sister), so I wouldn’t say growing up was quiet, but it was awesome! I am so grateful because I think the country really grounded me as a person and taught me great values. Now, I love the city life and I love all things girly. I always love trying new products and makeup and keeping up with the latest trends, but when I have the chance, sitting back in an oversize jumper and winter socks with a good movie will help me to relax me the most.

What's your favourite sunny destination you’ve been or wish to see?

Croatia – Yacht week is right at the top of my bucket list!

Tell me about your ideal dream beach day.

I wish I could say catching waves, but my skin (and my hair for that matter) don’t agree with the seawater. But this never stops me from indulging in my favourite beach day thing to do, which is eating fish and chips on the beach (and be that annoying person that feeds all the seagulls).

What's in your beach bag?

Products and snacks. I love a massive beach towel, a beach pillow, headphones, trashy magazines, a blue Powerade and red frogs — yes, the red frogs you stop eating when you’re five years old.

Do you enjoy any type of water sports?

Is tanning a sport?

Best beach reads you love?

Hanging out on the beach is the perfect time to catch up on the gossip mags; I love Women’s Weekly, New Idea, or anything with a Kardashian on the front of it and I’m sold! I’m really into podcasts at the moment, too!

Laid back beach vibes or glamazon pool party? Favourite places to do either?

Glamazon pool party! I live for ‘poolwear’ that you technically shouldn’t get wet! I feel like Vegas is calling me!

Beach walks or beach naps?

Beach walks are my favourite, right on the water’s edge.

Beach run or beach yoga?

Run? Yoga? I don’t know which one would be funnier!

Favourite way to stay fit in the summer?

I love to work out — I train in the morning with fasted cardio, and I love weight training in the afternoon; summer is amazing! The sun and I are up super early to make the most of the day.

Best glow-inducing secrets?

Highlighter! Becca Cosmetics- my go to! It’s hard not to get highlighter happy and paint your whole body — cheekbones and collar bones only, Haynes! When I am going make up free, I just use Enlightened Illumination Balm mixed in my moisturiser. Envy Australia (my favourite makeup artist in Victoria and Queensland) always keeps me updated on the go-to products to try — I basically have Sephora store in my makeup drawer!

Cocktails or coconuts on the beach?

Cocktails out of coconuts!

How do you keep in shape? What's your go-to exercise when you're gearing up for a tanned and toned summer body?

I have been training at Function Fit Moringside for the last couple of months, my body has had the quickest response to this kind of functional group training. Even better? They play the best and loudest RnB! Exercise can be fun, I never dread a work out!

What are your favourite beach beauty products?

I can never leave without my Carol’s Sun Tan Enhancer, as it goes on beautifully and you don’t feel like a grease pit with all the sand stuck to you by the end of your tanning session. It also smells amazing and keeps my skin so hydrated!

Tell me about your favourite healthy foods, meals, places to eat or home cooked secrets.

I love to cook! I love roasted vegetables, a fresh salad filled with goodness and a crispy skinned salmon filet.

Any favourite splurge-worthy cheat meals or treats you're particularly keen on?

PIZZA! I love a large pepperoni pizza on a BBQ base with Hollandaise sauce! If you haven’t tried it, immediately stop everything and find your closest pizza store!

What are some charitable initiatives close to your heart?

I lost my beautiful mother to breast cancer when I was 3, and my step mother was diagnosed and has just undergone treatment for the last 12 months, too. The strength I saw in this woman was honestly and truly inspirational. I like to take part in any breast cancer event I can, because it truly affects so many brave women, and these women are true heroes!

What kind of pet do you have/ would you have if you could have any and why?

Bailey, my beautiful little Burmese cat — I wouldn’t trade him for the world (except when he decides he is hungry Sunday mornings before 8am)

Are you a homebody or a going-out type?

I am such a homebody! I love to kick back on the couch with a good movie and some yummy food but the end of my week. When I do go out, its usually for a celebration, and I dance all night like no one is watching! That is, until I check snap chat the next morning and pray the only people that saw are live in a different time zone to Australia.

Favourite healthy cocktail/ drink?

Sangria, technically its healthy because it consists of fruit, right?

Makeup mantra: eyes or lips?

That’s a tough one! Thanks to CST Direct, my lips are nice & plump, so sometimes all I feel I need is some gloss and I can be on my way! However, I live for a smokey eye with some amazing lashes, too, so both!

All-time favourite place to shop?

I am addicted to online shopping, I think I need help! Meshki & Pretty Little Things both top my list — we have been in a solid relationship for some time now! #couplegoals #unbreakablebonds. My newest obsession is “physiofitco”; who can have enough active wear, right?!