Carol Chats to Mr Iconic XX

Mr iconic

Christian Schisas, @mr.iconic.xx – 33.8k followers

I’m a 35 year old father of two. I live and breathe a fitness lifestyle and have interests in fashion and food, as well as creative content for promoting products and businesses. My Instagram bio is @mr.iconic.xx which is a way that I document my interests on a regular basis.

What's your favourite sunny destination you’ve been or wish to see?

The Seychelles; they’re so far, exotic and luxurious.

Tell me about your ideal dream beach day?

Finding a private part of the beach, setting up and BBQ and just eating, relaxing and tanning.

What's in your beach bag?

Water, Carol’s Beauty Organic Sun Tan Enhancer Oil, headphones and a towel

Do you enjoy any type of water sports?

Not really, I just like to relax when I’m at the beach!

Beach runs or beach naps?

Beach naps!

Favourite way to stay fit in the summer?

Heaps of cardio by the beach or bay

Cocktails or coconuts on the beach?

Cocktails on the beach are more fun.

How do you keep in shape? What's your go-to exercise when you're gearing up for a tanned summer body?

Just weight training at the gym and cardio with HIIT twice a week.

Tell me about your favourite healthy foods, meals, places to eat or home cooked secrets.

I eat clean all year round and just adjust my meals depending on my body composition goals. My meals are prepared by my sponsor Hanna’s Fitness Meals. I also bake heaps, and what I’m baking varies depending on what I feel like and ideas I get. I eat out regularly and always change where I go as I love to try new places, too.

Any favourite splurge-worthy cheat meals or treats you're particularly keen on?

Donuts, cronuts and muffins.

What are some charitable initiatives close to your heart?

Mental health awareness.

What kind of pet do you have/ would you have if you could have any and why?

I have a staffy, and in my opinion they are the most loyal and protective breed.

Are you a homebody or a going-out type? What do you like to do at home/ where do you like to go out?

I’m a homebody mostly, but occasionally go out to The Star and Marquee

Favourite healthy cocktail/ drink?